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Caillebotte, Paris -6/07/2022

Caillebotte is a bistro that is listed as "Bib Gourmand" (good quality, good value cooking) in the Michelin guide and named after the French Impressionist painter that used to live in this neighborhood. 

Chef Franck Baranger trained at Le Bristol and Christian Constant became the darling of the foodie scene after opening his first restaurant Le Pantruce in 2011.  After great success he opened Caillebotte, Belle Maison and Le Coucou.  Make sure to get a reservation as it is difficult  to get a table here, but on the other hand, this is what happens with good and fairly-priced restaurants in Paris.

Before heading to the restaurant we met up at a bar for some refreshment.




Trang dropped us and we are walking to the restaurant.


  This is the side view of the restaurant.  Looks like all the tables on the outside are full of customers.


This is the entrance of the restaurant.


The bar can sit 3 people and has a prime view of the kitchen. 

The decor is simple with wood panels, a marble topped bar facing the open kitchen, big windows capturing all the natural lights.

Our table is right at the entrance with a view of the bar.


This the lower portion of the restaurant with mirrored walls at the end and hanging bare-bulb light fixtures.

The restaurant feels airy, open and welcoming.


Our table.


The menu is super reasonnable at 39 euros for a 3 course meal (starter, main, dessert or cheese).  They brought out this basket of warm rustic bread and it was so delicious.


Catherine, me and Helene.


Trang, Hoa, and Son


It is not very often that Hoa gets to see his 2 brothers so it was a pleasure to dine with them.


Son selected Domaine les 4 Vents -Cheers!


View of the kitchen


Slow cooked octopus, crispy fried tentatcules with fennel confit, fennel puree, and lemon oil.


Beatiful presentation, the octopus has a nice texture, the fennel puree was very tasty.   The only thing I did not like is the fennel confit which was hard and undercooked but overall a solid dish.


Veal tartar, radish daikon, egg yolk powder.


Hoa and Trang ordered this and they both like it.


Enjoying our first course.


For the main course a few of us ordered the the "Peche cotiere" which is a pan seared cod, grilled zucchini, tomato confit in Absinthe and served in a praline hazelnut sabayon


Wow, amazing colors that definitely entice your appetite.


I like everything on this dish, especially the sauce.  The portion was generous and I had to force myself to eat the whole dish.


Hoa and Son ordered the Canette laquee au Saint-Germain (lacquered duckling from Saint Germain),  buckwheat mousseline, fava beans and burned celery.


This dish was incredible, the duck was cooked perfectly with tons of flavors and all the vegetable and the sauce were a perfect combination.

Hoa loved this dish.


I selected the Rhubarbe pochee (Poache rhubard), Financier, cottage cheese, Star anice ice cream


The financier was good, the poached rhubard was okay but all together the dessert worked well.


Hoa and Son selected a cheeze platter


Laiterie des Marches and Chambery cheese served with braised shallots in red wine and a bit of mache in vinaigrette.


Both cheese were delicious.


Catherine and Trang orderd the Brioche with a Lemon whipped ganache and raspberry sorbet.


I had a little taste of the sorbet and whipped ganache and it was pretty good.  I believe Catherine enjoyed her dessert.


Helene ordered the Chocoate mousse, feuillantine, honey ice cream and butter cookie crumbles.


Mousse was smooth and rich, the ice cream was also delicious.



We are now leaving the restaurant.

Son, Catherine, Hoa in the back, Helene and Trang.


Last picture of us before leaving the restaurant.


View across the street from Caillebotte.


Overall we had a very good meal for an amazing price, 39 euros person.  In Europe when the menu is listed at 39 euros it is truly 39 euros, everything is included.  They do not add tax nor tip on top.

It is up to you to tip them but it is not required.  We all enjoyed our food but the service was not very good.  Our waitress barely talked to us and she did not seem to care much.  In any case, we will back just for the food.


NEXT.... Eiffel Tower


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