2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

Coffee shops/Pere La Chaise/Lunch

Centre Pompidou
Dinner au Pasage
Stroll in Paris

Family get together
Old town
Troyes Cathedral

Jardin des plantes
Lunch in the old town
Lake Orient
Paris Landmarks

Church La Madeleine
Dinner at Caillebotte
Eiffel Tower

Jardins du Trocadero
Walking around/Lunch
Church of Saint Gervais
Dinner at Frenchie

2 Days in Troyes, France-6/5/2022 to 6/6/2022

Day 2-Lake Orient -6/6/2022

The lac d’Orient (around 6,100 acres) is the largest body of water in the department of Aube. Its beaches are a delight for visitors who come here to enjoy the refreshing water and activities for the whole family. From March to November, the lac d’Orient becomes a paradise for sailing enthusiasts (sailing dinghies, small drifters, windsurfing…). It is also the main ornithological reserve with areas set aside for observation. The lake is also well-known for its underwater forest, which can be viewed from May to August by kayak on guided tours or independently

Le lake is huge!


We are headed to the pier.


The pier


It was a beautiful day and the view is absolutely gorgeous.


The lake is pretty quiet and barely anybody around.



The end of the pier.


Across from the pier is a dock for boats.


Also beautiful to look at.



We are now headed to the beach.


This portion of the lake has rocky shore.


This portion of the beach is sandy.


This is the end of the beach with lots of trees.



We stayed here for a bit just to enjoy nature.


We are now walking back looking for a place so we can have something to drink.


Restaurant with tables on the open air over looking the beach.


We stopped by here for a drink.



Walk around the neighborhood and Dinner

My Brother lives in the suburb of Troyes and surrounding his house there are a lot of wheat fields.


Field of wheat.


Wheat growing next to wild poppies.


The colors are so vibrant.  It reminds me of Monet's painting: Poppies field.


Pretty similar right?


Wild flowers...


We are eating at home tonight and Xinh is throwing a few things in the BBQ pit.


We talked too much and I forgot to take pictures so this is the only pictures I have of the food.

Andouillettes and mergez.

It was such a pleasure to see my brother and his wife for two days.  We had so much fun and plenty of time to catch up.

Until the next time!


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