2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

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Paris, France-6/2/2022 to 6/8/2022

Jardins du Trocadero-6/8/2022

Jardins du Trocadéro (Gardens of the Trocadero) is an open space in Paris, located in the 16th arrondissement, to the southeast by the Seine and the Pont d'Iéna, with the Eiffel Tower on the opposite bank of the Seine. The entire site was formerly the garden of the original Palais du Trocadéro, laid out by Adolphe Alphand for the Exposition Universelle in 1878.

The  Le Pont d'Iéna links the Eiffel Tower on the Left Bank to the district of Trocadéro on the Right Bank.


We are on the left bank of the River Seine.


View from Le Pont d'Iéna.  We are crossing the bridge to get to the Jardins du Trocadéro.


 Fountain of Warsaw in front of Jardins du Trocadéro.

The name of Trocadero came about when King Louis XVIII wanted to commemorate the capture of the Fort of Cadiz from Spain with a monument that was named Trocadero.


Fountain of Warsaw is a long basin with twelve fountain creating columns of water about 40 ft. high.


There are twenty four smaller fountains 13 ft. high and ten arches of water.



The fountains and Le Palais de Chaillot in the back ground.


View of the Eiffel tower from the fountain.



On the left is a bronze statue called the Horses and Dog that was sculpted by Georges Guyot.

On the right is a bronze statues called Bull and Deer produced by Paul Jouve.

Both sculptures are situated in its own square basin


Close view of the sculpture.


This immense pseudo-classical building was constructed by Azéma, Boileau and Carlu for the 1937 international exhibition, with giant sculptures of Apollo by Henri Bouchard, and inscriptions by Paul Valéry. The Palais houses the Musée National de la Marine and the Musée de l'Homme.


Upper portion of the Palais Chaillot


Heading up to Le Musee de L'homme at le Palais Chaillot.


 In the center is a sculpture of L'homme (man) by Pierre Traverse  by Daniel Bacqué.


On top inscription saying:

Every man creates without knowing it
Like he breathes
But the artist feels himself creating
His act engages his entire being
His appreciated pain strengthens him


Vast terrace named the Esplanade des droits de l'Homme (Universal declaration of Human Rights) overlooking the Jardins du Trocadero and the Eiffel tower.


Pigeons resting on top of a wooden structure.


People putting padlocks as souvenirs.


We are in he middle of the terrace with the Eiffel tower in the back.



Facing the Seine, are twenty powerful water cannons, able to project a 164 ft. high jet of water.


Above the long basin are two smaller basins, linked with the lower basin by cascades flanked by 32 sprays of water 13 ft. high. These fountains are the only exposition fountains which still exist today, and still function as they once did. In 2011, the fountain's waterworks were completely renovated and a modern pumping system was installed.



Lots of cops on bike at the foot steps of Le Palais Chaillot.


Monumental sculptures by the fountain at the entrance called La Jeunesse (youth) by Pierre Possion circa 1937.



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