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Frenchie is a tiny restaurant with about 20 seats and awarded a 1 Michelin star, located in Paris France. Gregory (Greg) Marchand, the chef-owner of Frenchie is known as "Frenchie" thanks to the nickname bestowed by Jamie Oliver, the famous British chef know as the "Naked chef" from the BBC television cooking show.  Greg began his culinary journey in western France at the age of 15 and decided to travel after cooking school.  Greg worked all around the world in Marbella, London, New York, and Hong Kong before moving home to Paris with his wife Marie in 2008.  Greg opened Frenchie on the rue du nil on April 1st, 2009 and it was an instant hit!.  The restaurant got rave reviews and landed on every journalist's "best of" list and was featured in every food travel show.  It became extremely to get a table as the restaurant is so small and even with two service per night Frenchie could not meet the demand.

Each time I travelled to Paris, I was never able to get a table but this is when you still had to call the restaurant instead of being able to reserve it online.  Thanks to technology, it is now a lot easier to go online to reserve a table.  However, I reserved exactly 1 month ahead and the only time available for dinner was at 9:30pm so without any hesitation, I took it.


Frenchie and Frenchie Bar wine are located on rue du Nil a nondescript street of Paris and because of the popularity of both restaurants it became one of the trendiest streets in the city since the 2009.


Across the street from Frenchie is the Frenchie Bar wine.  They do not take reservation, first come, first serve. 

There is always a lot of people hanging around while waiting to get a table.  The street is reserved for pedestrians only so it is really nice to hang around here.


The entrance of Frenchie restaurant


View of the restaurant as soon as you walk in.  Our table is on the right where you can see Hoa sitting.

They gave us the only table for 4 in the whole restaurant.


View of part of restaurant looking into the street.


Michelin plaque hanging on the wall

Simple flower arrangements on our table.


From our table we could see all the action from Frenchie Wine Bar.  Lots of people and really fun to hang around.


We sat in the main dinning room that can hold 12 people and there is another smaller room next the to the main room that can hold 8 more people.

Like I said, the restaurant is pretty small.


The kitchen is behind the brick wall.  This is counter that can sit 2 people and they can see the expeditor putting the final touch on each plate before being served.


There are only 3 servers for the whole restaurant.


Let's start with the Amuse bouche.

Amuse bouche: Buckwheat tartlet, Brocciu (cheese) cream, lovage oil, peas and lime served with roasted tomatoes, some type of grilled and charred fish on top.

On top in a bowl is the traditional gougeres with shredded cheese.


Both amuse bouche were delicious.


Closer view at both amuse bouche.


Butter and bread.



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