2 weeks in France-5-26 to 6/8/2022

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2 Days in Troyes, France-6/5/2022 to 6/6/2022

Day 2-Lunch in the old town -6/6/2022

We are now headed to the Old town for Lunch. 

Square on Place de la Liberation.  This square was built on the site of a former cemetery and a double church was razed to the ground at the end of the 18th century to make way for an ephemeral grain market.  The Square is located at the food of the prefecture and the hotel du department.  The square as seen today was laid out in 1922 and decorated with a white marble sculpture "Le rapt".


The  Rapt sculpture made in 1907 represents the abduction of Proserpina, the daughter of Jupiter and Ceres.

The original version was melted down in 1942 at the request of the Germans.
A marble casting had been made and was located at the Petit Palais in Paris. The city of Troyes then asked for the restitution of this molding which was reinstalled at its original location, in front of the Prefecture of Troyes at the end of 1949.


Urban park design on the Liberation square.


Further down is the Basilica Saint Urbain.


The Basilica Saint-Urbain de Troyes, formerly the Église Saint-Urbain, is a massive medieval church. It was a collegial church, endowed in 1262 by Pope Urban IV. It is a classic example of late 13th century Gothic architecture


The Basilica was closed so we did not get a chance to look at the interior.


Gargoyles on alert.


Monument dedicated to Robert Galley was inaugurated in 1November 2018 and located on the Liberation Square.

This monument honors the memory of Robert Galley who was a resistance fighter of the Free French Forces, Companion of the Liberation, Minister from 1968 to 1981 and Mayor of Troyes from 1972 to 1995.


The gilded bronze bust rests on a square column.
There is a butterfly on his left shoulder, a small wink to this nature lover who had a passion for entomology (study of insects) and more particularly butterflies. He collected nearly 20,000 species of butterflies and donated them to the Museum of Natural History in Troyes.


Church Saint Jean Au Marche


A small Gothic church built in the 13th century and rebuilt in the 16th century.


A marble plaque next to the entrance of the church paying tribute to Marguerite Bourgeoys, a French nun and founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame of Montreal in the colony of New France, now part of Quebec, Canada.


Entrance of the church.  Unfortunately it was closed.


Triangle gold plaque designating that Charlemagne, the 1st French Emperor passed by this street.


Maxime has a huge outdoor eating area so we decided to get a table there.  It was fairly early and we were the first few customers to arrive.


By the time we are done with our lunch, the place was totally full.  As you can see all the tables are taken now.


Hoa and I we both ordered a crepe.


I got a crepe Florentine, spinach, ham with béchamel sauce.


Hoa ordered a crepe au 3 fromages, Goat cheese, Emmental, Chaource and potatoes.


Xinh ordered a Seguin salad with a goat cheese toast, nuts and honey.

Charlot ordered L'oceane salad with, smoked salmon, shrimps, mozzarella et granny smith apple.


We all shared a butter and sugar crepe.


And the second crepe was a nutella, whipped cream crepe.



Cheers for spending time together!


Jewish quarters were often associated with silversmith shops and money changers. In Troyes, the mints, where gold and silver pieces, called the denier champenois or provinois, were made, was located between present day rue Boucherat and rue Saint-Frobert.


On Rue Molé there are a lot of historic buildings. 


This restaurant is a 16th century half timbered house.


Exposed wooden pillars.



La jeune fille qui donne un baiser (young girl giving a kiss) on Rue Clemenceau.


 My brother goofing around.

The statue is about 5ft 3" by Sjer Jacobs, sculptor from Holland


"Wait for me" sculpture. This humorous and poetic work presents a small dog that frightens a group of birds and provokes their flight. The group of birds recalls the cranes, emblematic of the Aube department, which fly over it every year.


The sculpture is located on the quail of the river Seine.


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