Rocky, our new dog - 10/14/10

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Rocky is a Chinese Sharpei and he was born on July 15, 2010.  Why a Sharpei?  Simply because we used to have a Sharpei named Lucky a long time ago and since he was such a good dog we decided to get another one.  We saw Rocky's picture on the internet and right away we felt in love with his face.  He was born in Wisconsin and his breeder shipped him via plane to us when he was exactly 8 weeks.  The trip to Wisconsin to San Jose is about 10 hours with 3 change of planes.  When we picked him up at the airport he was scared and was growling when I tried to pick him up.  We immediately took him to our backyard so he can relieve himself.  Amazingly during his 10 hours he did not have an accident in his crate.  For a little guy, he did so well holding it for 10 hours.  

Rocky inside his crate straight from the airport.  He is still scared of us so he ran inside his crate to hide.  Here I am trying to lure him out with a toy!  

I stayed home the next day with him and right away he bonded with me.

Rocky smelling his new toy and deciding what to do with it.

Rocky a week after we got him. 


2 weeks after we got him.  He is adapting very well to his new family.  

Eating his food.  Rocky is about 7 pounds we got him and within a week he gained 3 pounds.


My cousin Jason got Rocky a bed... In the beginning he would not go in but now he loves it.  This bed has a plug and can be heated in the winter.

Rocky is about 3 months old in these pictures.. I just went to the vet and he is now 15 pounds. He doubled his weight in a month.

Rocky must think I am his mama!  As soon as I sit down, he would run into my lap and just stayed there for a while.  Pretty soon my lap will be too small for him

Kevin is playing with Rocky here...

I am going to feed him and he is getting excited.  He is jumping up and down..


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