Foxxy -10/31/2015

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I volunteered to foster dogs at a local shelter so they asked me to bring Rocky to see how he will be reacting to another dog.

They brought out Foxxy, an 11 year old Pomerian-chichuahua mix.  Rocky was very gentle with Foxxy so they asked me if I could foster her until someone adopt her.

The shelter did not have a history on her but they told me she was taken from a high kill shelter and transferred to the Milpitas Humane Society.  They operated on her eye due to some disease and they also removed all of her teeth  because they were rotten with the one exception of 1 tooth.

This is the first day I took her home.

She was so skinny and frail and needed lots of TLC.

I made sure her and Rocky and okay together and they were.

This picture was taken 2 months after she stayed with us.  Note how nice and fluffy her coat is now, and she looks very healthy too.

Foxxy and Rocky cozying up together on a cold winter day.

Every Saturday I have to take her to Petsmart and stayed there for 2 hours so that people can see her for adoption.  After 6 weeks and still nobody wanted her, I decided to keep her. 

When it is cold she hides under the pillows and blankets.  


Cute picture of Rocky and Foxxy.

Kevin driving Foxxy to Irvine and his roommates really enjoyed her company.

Foxxy got lots of attention and she loved it.

Kevin and Kristie just came back from Japan and they bought Kimonos for Rocky and Foxxy!




It was a hot summer day so I took Foxxy out for Ice cream


My two kids are too cute!

Hoa put an iron window in our backyard door so that Foxxy and Rocky and see out in the street.

Every morning I said good bye to them before going to work and both of them with stand next to the window to watch me drive off.


Foxxy resting...she sleeps a lot!


Christmas outfit!

Foxxy is such a cutie pie!

Next.. Farewell my beautiful girl



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