In Memory of Rocky -3/28/2018

Rocky  less than 3 months 3 to 4 months 6 Months to 10 months 2015-2016 In Memory of Rocky Foxxy-

Rocky passed away quietly at the emergency room on March 28, and we were lucky enough to be with him until the end.

He was 4 months shy of his 8th Birthday!

Rocky was never friendly, and he never warmed up to anybody, even to my friends who have known him since day one.  He tolerated them, some better than others, but that's the most affection you will get from him.  But to his family, especially to me, he was a "mama's boy", and he only have eyes for him mama.  He has lots of personality, strong-willed, loyal, affectionate and so sweet (just to us), and above all he loves his family.

Rockly left an indelible place in our hearts, we miss him tremendously as he gave us so much unconditional love.

In honor of his life these are pictures were taken during his short time with us.

This picture was taken the 1st night we pick up Rocky at the airport on 10/14/2010

He looks so different now that I look back at his baby picture.

He was so cute in these baby pictures.

Rain or shine I walked Rocky and Foxxy every day! 

Rocky loved his daily walk and he was so excited as soon as he hears : "let's go".

Napping under the coffee table at around 3 months old.

Napping on the couch


Kevin and Kristie went to Japan and came back with kimonos for Rocky and Foxxy.

Snack time!  Have to say they look so cute in a doggie kimono.


Pretty much every night when I watch a movie, I have the dogs on each side and Hoa could never sit on the couch as both of them took over the whole couch.


Even when we are not home, Rocky will jumped on the couch on his own and wait for us.  This guy like the comfort of a couch.

In the spring, I shaved off his fur to a short coat.

Rocky and Foxxy sun bathing in the back yard.


We had a wet and cold winter, so as soon as the sun came out, the two dogs are laying out under the warm sun- This was in the spring of 2017


Rocky wakes up the same time with us around 6:30AM, but Foxxy can't wake up before 7:30AM, so I usually have to carry Foxxy up to the kitchen area and put her next to Rocky.


Rocky was never jealous of her, and when she barks at him, he never fought back.  He was always gentle with her, and he tried to play with her but since she is old she never gave him any attention.

He does not mind cuddling with her but only for a short time.

Dad and Rocky sharing a sweet moment together...


My friends asked me so what do the dogs do when we go to work?

They usually sleep pretty much the whole morning and then they just go out in the yard in the afternoon. This is called the good life!

Rocky and Foxxy after we finished remodeling our house.

We went on vacation and Kevin took Rocky to Irvine (Kevin used to attend UC Irvine) and took care of him for a few weeks (bro bounding!).

I love these pictures with the sunset in the background.


Rocky crossed the rainbow bridge which is a place where dogs go after their death to meadows and hills where animals wait for their humans to join them, and then together they will cross the bridge that will lead to Heaven.

As Kevin wrote on his Facebook: "Thanks for everything Rocky. We hope you had a great life, because you certainly made ours better. See you later boy."

RIP my boy... I am sure we will see each other again! 


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