Rocky - between 6 and 10 months

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Rocky is now about 10 month and he is full grown!  He is about 40 pounds and full of energy!  He loves to play and is looking forward to his his daily walk around the neighborhood.

He loves chasing squirrels, wild rabbits (we have 2 in the neighborhood), and birds in the backyard .  He waits patiently until he sees a squirrel or a rabbit  wandering either around the fence or walking on the ground, then he leaps up and run at full speed to try to catch them but so far he is not quite successful yet! 

The chase goes on like that the whole day and it keeps him busy while we are at work.

Rocky still like to get on my lap as much as he can but he is getting too big now and he no longer fits in my lap!

Sitting in the kitchen....


If you look back at when Rocky was about 3 months you will see how much he has grown.  He is tall taller than our counter tap if he is standing up!



Rocky hanging around our backyard.

Resting like a lion!

While we watch TV, Rocky likes to crawl underneath our coffee table to take a nap! 

Sitting at the edge of the sofa looking out in the yard so he can watch if there is any squirrels in the backyard!

Same thing here... sitting and watching out of the window for squirrels.

This was a sunny day and we caught him laying out under the sun taking a nap!

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