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Kevin and Kristie adopted Millie, an Australian Sheppard Mix in September 2016.  She was 8 weeks old when they took her home.

First visit to the vet!

2nd visit to the vet.


3rd visit to the vet.

Between the 1st picture to the 3rd picture she already grown quite a bit.


Kevin and Kristie is going out of town and they put her in day care.  She looks so sad is these pictures.


Millie taking a hike on a hilltop in Albany.



Millie in the car.. she behaves really well in the car.

Millie graduating form Puppy good manners... Check out how they spell Nguyen...(this is in Albany, they never heard of Nguyen before).


Millie resting on the floor at the apartment in Albany.

Millie loves to sleep on top of the couch.

These 2 pictures were taken a few months a part and you can see Millie has grown quite a bit on the 2nd picture.

New sweater...


So cute in her new sweater.




Millie in New York City.




Millie in Los Altos.  It is such a cold day today that I have to bundle up to walk all three dogs.

Resting after playing all day with Rocky

Destroying the first toy in California

Millie and Rocky played all day!  Both are exhausted and are taking a nap.

Another day... another exhausting day!


Millie, Foxxy, and Rocky all sleeping on one single bed!


Napping time... Millie is so cute wearing her Christmas' sweater




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