Rocky - between 3 and 4 months

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Rocky has grown so much since we got him.  He's been part of the family for exactly 9 weeks and over these 9 weeks Rocky has more than triple in size.  He was 7lb when we got him and he is now about 25lb.  He loves to eat and goes crazy when I said: "Lets go" because he knows I am taking him for a walk. 

Rocky follows me every where!  Here I am doing my computer work and he has to stay under my chair.  As soon as I get up he will follow me again... 

This dog needs a lot of TLC!

While we watch TV he just usually will crawl under the coffee table and stay there for a long time and then he will lay on the carpet!

Sleeping-  Do not disturb!

Walking around the house!  Rocky looks like a lion.


Rocky playing with his toy in the backyard.

Grabging  a branch and playing with it


Rocky looking over.. He is so cute here with his wrinkles!

Rocky resting a bit after playing....


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