7 days in Puglia, Italy - 09/16/2023-9/22/2023

Day 1-Bari


Old town

Old town Cont.

Dinner at La Tana del Polpo

Day 2-Monopoli

and Polignano a Mare

Monopoli-Old port

Old town

Monopoli Cathedral

Purgatory Church

Polignano a Mare

Old town and the coast line

Dinner at Biancofiore

Day 3- Matera

Matera city

Matera Cathedral

Matera Cont.

Sassi Barisano & Caves

Palombaro Lugo

Dinner at Buenalleggre

Day 4-Alberobello/Ostuni
Basilica of St. Comas & Damian
lunch at Alimentari
Trullo Sovrano
Old Town
Old town cont.
Ostuni cont.
Dinner at Ceralacca
Day 5- Bari
Norman Swabian Castle
City Walk
Lunch at Bottega del Tortellino
Pane e Pomodoro beach
Cocktail & Dinner
  Day 6-Trani

Port and Cathedral of Trani

Inside the Cathedral

Lunch at Giu a Sud

old Town


Dinner at La Baresana

Day 7-Bari
Last day in Bari

Day 6- Trani - 9/21/2023

The port and Cathedral of Trani

Trani is a seaport located in the northwest of Bari and lies along the Adriatic Sea.  Trani is a lovely place to walk around and known for its picturesque seaport and historic Cathedral. Trani is famous for being a “slow city.” It’s a member of the organization Cittaslow International. This organization was founded in Italy to promote a slower way of life, protecting quality of life through healthier living, sustainability, and culture.

Panoramic view of Trani port


Starting our walk from the port.


Trani has a thriving marina so there are lots and lots of boats.






The port is flanked by numerous bars, cafes, and seafood restaurants.




The pointy roof is the bell tower of the cathedral of Trani.



So nice and so relaxing.



On the promontory there are fishermen selling their catch of the day.


Octopuses, fish, razor clams, etc...


I am checking out the seafood...


This fisherman is so nice, he picked up the octopus and told us to take a picture.


We are now entering to the old town.  All the historic buildings are built in Trani's stone which is a light limestone rock extracted around the city and its cream color is so beautiful.


Church del Siglo XVI de san Roque


An arched entrance way.


We walked by a small alley leading to the Cathedral of Trani located on the seafront.


The Cathedral of Trani (Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino) was built in the 12th century as is a prime example of Apulian Romanesque architecture.


The bell tower was built between the 13th and 14th centuries and is 194 ft. tall.


The cathedral really stands out next to the water's edge making it the city's landmark from land and sea.


Appellate court and in the background is the Castle of Trani.



Castle of Trani has a rectangular shape with four towers at each corner.


The castle is located on the waterfront and was originally design to protect the city form attack. 


The Castle of Trani is a medieval fortress that was built in the 13th century by the Holy Emperor Frederick II.


We are headed back to the Castle of Trani


What a gorgeous location!


The Cathedral was closed when we arrived but it is going to be open again in a few minutes so we are heading back there.


Imposing bell tower and the vaulted entrance.


NEXT... Day 6- Inside the Cathedral of Trani




Our house


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