6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

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Intercontinentallobby/The Peninsula/Nathan road Nathan road, Part 2 View from the Sheraton

Nathan road, Part 2

People in Hong Kong are snacking all the time!  Street food is so popular and so cheap and if you are walking the street chances are you will see somebody snacking while walking around...

I noticed at rush hour people will stop make a stop to get a snack before going home...

This little shop is very popular!  They are displaying all the famous people that bought a snack here.

Curried fish balls are their specialty!


People are buying left and right so I stayed in line and trying to find out what the fuss is about these fish balls.

They had two type of sauce so I bought them both.

They are tasty and very light which are perfect for a quick snack.

One of the best noodle shop in Hong Kong!

You have to be able to read in Chinese if not you have to know where you are going.

Patrick our local friend is taking us to all the good places that local people usually eat.

I am checking out what is posted on the wall but I have no clue what it is...

Patrick did all the ordering for us...


Know for the best Noodle place but no service.  They bring out the food and you are on your own.. you want napkins you got to pay extra! Yep and then they bring out toilet paper ...and I am not kidding!

  The bowl are purposely small because they want the noodle to stay crisp during the whole time you are eating.  A larger bowl will make the noodle soggy by the time you finish your bowl.

I have to stay the wonton noodle soup was excellent.  The noodles are crisp and the broth is also perfect.

Braised pork knuckles.. So good!



The cook... check out all the noodles in the back on a shelf.



Cooking and draining the wontons....


Next door to the noodle place is the Australian Dairy Co. known for their famous scrambled egg with Toast and Egg custard.


This place is always crowded specially in the morning at breakfast time.

Scramble eggs and milk is around $5/person, pretty cheap and that's why there is always a long line.

Be prepare to share a table with somebody like we did!  We stayed and ate the famous egg custards and we were out of the restaurant in less than 10 minutes.

This is like a fast food joint.  Once you finish your food you better get up and go... lots of people are waiting in line to get in.

They did not have an English menu and they don't really speak English either.

Good thing the lady sitting at our table speaks English so she ordered for us.

She told us to try the white and yellow custard so that's what we did.


Egg white & milk custard (left) and Egg custard (yellow).

They come cold or hot but we preferred hot.  They are both pretty good, silky and not overly sweet.  Tasted like steamed tofu but the consistency is a bit different.

Since we are sharing a table, the waiter brought out the famous egg sandwich for the boy.

Now we get to see their famous sandwiches too.

Close look at the egg sandwich.  The scramble eggs looks pretty fluffily and appetizing!


It took us about 10 minutes to eat the custards.  We could not even finish half of it and on our way out Hoa paid for the lady and her son.  She was surprised that we took care of her bill.  It was not that much but she was nice enough to order for us so we are returning her the favor!

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