6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

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Day 2 - Central District

Today we are heading off to Central District which is the central business district of Hong Kong. It is located on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, across Victoria Harbor from Tsim Sha Tsui.  To get to Central we took the subway.  The subway is cheap and very convenient. 

Lunch at Yung Kee restaurant

Our friends recommended tried out Yung Kee a Chinese restaurant located on Wellington Street.  Yung Kee is famous for roasted goose, and serves as many as 300 whole birds per day. Yung Kee dishes are served in first and business class on board of Cathay Pacific, and boxes of roasted goose and preserved eggs from the restaurant are sold in the on-board duty-free shop. 

Yung Kee also once held one star in the Michelin Guide received in the inaugural 2009 Hong Kong and Macau edition, but on by December 2011, it was downgraded to "Bib Gourmand" section in the 2012 edition.

Wellington Street leading to the restaurant.

On the left is Tsui Wah (green letters) also a famous fast food restaurant that is really popular with locals and tourists alike.

The front of the restaurant.


Assortment of roasted birds on display at the front window of the restaurant.


Looks pretty appetizing!

The menu


Beside roasted goose we were told to order preserved eggs.

The preserve eggs are indeed excellent with a runny egg yolk and served with pickled ginger. This is an acquired taste but if you can eat it, it is really delicious.

If you never ate this before I recommend you skip it.  The odor alone might turn you off but if you are adventurous give it a try.


We ordered half of a roasted goose.

To tell you the truth I thought it was just okay!  Goose has a lot less fat than duck so the meat was a bit try for me.

Not sure what the fuss is all about but I think I prefer roasted duck which cost a lot less money!


Our waiter recommended the  Deep-fried prawns with sweet and sour sauce.

Personally I never really care for sweet and sour sauce but this is really not bad and they use really big prawn.

Tea is a must with Chinese food.

I took a picture of the mat because I though it was cute with the picture of the goose (they are famous for roasted goose).


Cured leg of lamb for sale.


Not sure who would buy the whole leg!  You got to have a huge party to be able to eat the whole leg or maybe this was meant for wholesale.


After lunch we decided to walk to the Financial district.  As we were walking out of the restaurant we noticed a long line and as we get closer...


We discovered that people were lining up to eat at Nha Trang, a Vietnamese restaurant.

I later found out that Nha Trang was listed under Bib Gourdmand of the 2013 Michelin guide.  No wonder it is a popular place.


As we keep walking we saw a Pho place...

Looks like the restaurant is doing well too with lots of customers.

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