6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

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Day 3 - The peak

Victoria Peak is a mountain in Hong Kong, also known as Mount Austin, and locally known as The Peak. The mountain is located in the western half of Hong Kong Island. With an altitude of 552 m (1,811 ft), it is the highest mountain on the island.

The actual summit of Victoria Peak is occupied by a radio telecommunications facility and is closed to the public. However, the surrounding area of public parks and high-value residential land is the area that is known as "The Peak". It is a major tourist attraction which offers views over Central, Victoria Harbor,  and the surrounding islands.

The most popular ways to get to Victoria Peak is via City Bus Bus route 15. 

The Peak via bus will take at from 40 minutes to an hour depending on traffic, so it is quite a slow way to go up.  On the other hand it is an interesting route with lots to see and it is extremely cheap for one way ticket the cost is just HK$9.80 =$1.25 per person


On our way up view of High rise apartments are crammed together on Hong Kong Island


View of more high rise apartments at a even higher level.


The higher you go up the more expensive it is! 


Not sure if this the top of a hotel but they sure have a lots of tennis courts!

View of the top of the mountain.  We have reached the top of the mountain.

The bus dropped us off at The Peak Tower. It was a raining day and gloomy day.

The Peak Tower is a  shopping complex with eight floors.  The building is shaped like a "wok" and the top terrace over views of Victoria Harbor and Aberdeen.


We are now entering the Peak Galleria.  


View from one of the many terraces from the Peak Galleria.


This is Hong Kong’s most exclusive address, the top of the world literally (or at least the top of Hong Kong Island). Its detached individual homes and spacious low-rise apartments offer magnificent views of Victoria Harbor.


Here we are inside the Peak Galleria and I am trying to go to top terrace to see the view of the city.


View of apartment complexes from inside the Peak tower.


It was a rainy and foggy day so the view is not that great!


Elevators inside the Peak Galleria 


Looking down at the city is a pretty cool!


The rain came.....


We did not pick the right day to have a view of the city from the roof top.  We could not get out as it was pouring so we stayed inside and enjoy of whatever we could see...

This is the view we were supposed to see if the rain did not come!

Oh well we saw part of it anyway.  See the tall building on the right hand side?  That is the International Finance Center Tower (IFC) and that's were we headed for lunch.  It will take us about an hour to get there from were we are.

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