6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

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Day 3 - Street food

Hong Kong is a city loaded with culinary street food delights!  It seems like there are street vendors in any directions you headed to. 

The streets are always filled with people especially on the main streets like Nathan Road, Jordan Road and smaller narrower streets like Mody Road or Kimberly road. The most wonderful thing about Hong Kong is that locals make up most of the population and we fit right in until we open our mouth and then it is over since we can't say a word in Chinese.

Braised curried fish balls with offal and on the right is fish cake Sui Mai

Chinese hot dogs, squid brochettes.

I opted for fishcake Sui Mai.

After sharing the fish cake Sui Mai Hoa wanted to try the Chinese sausage brochette.

There are actually a lot of people getting out from work and buying a quick snack before heading home.

A worker frying fresh Chinese donuts.


They sell porridge and freshly fried Chinese donuts! 


Chinese donuts are so good if you get them fresh!


If you are in Hong Kong you have to give the fish balls a try.  They come in different flavors but the most famous ones are curried fish balls.


Street alley filled with local people eating in small eateries.  It is actually a lot of fun.


This place sell noodle cups.


Fish balls are everywhere.


There are always a lot of people in the street and everyone is buying something to snack on...


This area is close to Tsim Tsa Sui and close to our hotel


Fish balls are selling like hot cakes!



The chicken skewers looks really good especially when you are hungry.

Difficult just to buy one and walk away....


I am staying in line for the fish balls just like the locals.




Street food is extremely cheap about $1 per order...

Yep, snacking in the street... I bought 2 types of fish balls and fish cake Sui Mai.

It actually hit the spot when you hungry and it is not quite dinner time yet!

If you are in Hong Kong you must try the food from street vendors.  It is fun and it barely make a dent in your wallet.


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