6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

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Day 3 - Lunch/shopping

After an hour long bus ride from the peak we go off in Central just in time for lunch.  We stopped by Tsui Wah cafe for lunch.  Tsui Wah is a cha chaan teng (tea cafe) started off as a single restaurant in 1967, but there are now 26 restaurants in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.  Tsui Wah is very popular with locals who come to dine just for Hong Kong comfort food, which has influences from the Brits, Indians, Americans and other immigrants, served up with a Chinese twist. The extensive menu includes toast with condensed milk, sweetened milk tea (hot or with ice), Swiss chicken wings, curried beef brisket with rice, Hainanese chicken rice, beef with tomatoes, macaroni noodles in soup with preserved vegetables, and instant noodles with a variety of toppings.

The front of the restaurant located on Wellington street, Central.  This restaurant is close to Yung Kee the restaurant that is known for roasted duck.

Tsui Wah is the most famous Hong Kong Cafe restaurant chain in Hong Kong. If you visit HK you need to try it once. Very good value, very popular and the food is good!


I ordered the Hainanese Chicken.  Portion is pretty large.


The Hainanese chicken came with soup, two type of sauces, pickled vegetables, and rice.


The chicken looks really yummy!

  Hoa opted for the Fish balls Noodle soup.

The soup came with fish balls and fried fish cake in a shape of a triangle.

Fish balls are really popular in Hong Kong.

Napkins from Tsui Wah

After lunch I wanted something sweet and since they are known for Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk I decided to give it a try.


Turned out it was a piece of toasted brioche bread drizzled with condensed milk!

Apparently this is really popular with locals but I found it very simplistic and that sure why people like it so much!



Sweetened milk tea and hot xam bo luong, both were pretty good.



After lunch we were headed toward the ifc mall.  It was a miserable day and it was pouring down pretty much the whole day.


Hong Kong under the rain...


I guess people were prepared for the rain because everybody had an umbrella!



ifc Mall

ifc mall is a luxurious shopping center housing over 200 international brands, ranging from mid and upper-priced clothing to luxury fashion , and the city’s only Apple store. 

The complex is huge and filled with expensive and upscale stores.


Cafe Landmark is pretty famous here and I was told there is always a line.


View of the cafe from the 1st floor.


Check out all the upscale store such as Fendi, Tod's, Dior, etc...

Really busy place.  The food must be good!


Kwanpen is a brand name from Singapore that makes handmade luxurious crocodile handbag and are very famous in Asia. I personally never heard about them in the U.S.  Their cheapest bag is around $3.000



Our friend Patrick works for Paul Smith so we try to take a picture of Paul Smith where ever we go...


Found a pastry shop inside the mall and I am just checking out.. Too full to eat anything though.


Everything looks really good and beautiful.


Next.. Street food



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