6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

Chinese Breakfast

 Stanley  Beer and sausages

Day 5 - Chinese Breakfast

Our Friend Patrick picked us up at our hotel and we took us to small shop located in Kowlon that specialized in fish congee.

He told us that this shop is very popular with locals and it is not a fancy place but the food is really good.


What you see hanging is fish filet and this lady is cutting the fish into thin slices.


You can see her at work in these pictures.

No English sign only Chinese so if you don't know where you are going, chances are you probably will never eat here without recommendations.


We are walking inside the shop.


Fish skin on the left and pre-cut Chinese donuts.


This place is really crowded but we got there early enough and we were able to find a table right away.


This shop specialized in Fish and this poster shows all the dishes they are preparing using different part of the fish.


View of the tiny kitchen from our table.

Cooking porridge to order....

Patrick explaining the dish we are about to eat is made with fish skin.


The fish skin is deep very briefly into hot water and then chocked in ice water so that the texture is crispy and very interesting to eat.


It is served with shredded scallions, shredded ginger and marinated in soy sauce.


Close look at the dish.  I had never had this dish before and Hoa and I we both liked it.


Porridge with the underarm of the fish.



Porridge with fish filet taken from the belly of the fish.

Porridge with frog's leg.

Fried fish intestines with scallions.

Our table with all the food we ordered.


The food was excellent and I think we ate pretty much everything.


Yep!  Not much was left after we were done.


Without Patrick we would never have known this little shop and we were very happy to have a chance to eat like locals.

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