6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

Chinese Breakfast  Stanley  Beer and sausages

Day 5 - Stanley

After breakfast we said good bye to Patrick and hopped on a bus Direction Stanley.

Stanley is located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is about an hour of drive by bus from Tsim Tsa Tsui.  We took a ride on the upper deck of a double deck bus where you get the best view of the scenery.

 The road leading to Stanley is winding and pretty narrow.  Sitting on the upper deck it felt like the opposing traffic seemingly just inches away.

Repulse bay


On this picture you can see that we are sitting on the upper deck.


View of Middle Island


Repulse Bay Beach. The curved building is the background is "The Lily".


More view of Repulse bay.



Murray House is a restored Victoria-era building (1844) that was named after Sir George Murray (1772-1846), a British soldier and politician. 

In 1982 it was dismantled to make way for the Bank of China Tower which now sits on the original site.  It was finally reassembled in it's present location in Stanley behind the end of Stanley Main Street, on the right-hand side of the bay during the years 1998/1999.

The Victoria-era building served originally as barracks for the British military and was part of the Victoria Barracks up until the 1960s.

Today it houses restaurants on the first floor, some of which have grand views across the bay.



This is Stanley Plaza over looking Murray house.


Giant trees

The trees are really majestic and truly beautiful.


Hoa standing on the Stanley promenade overlooking the Stanley bay.


Map of Stanley


People can swim or fish here.


Check out all the building complex on top of the hill. The view must be killer up there.



Stanley is a small fishing village.. lots of small boats.


Lots of tourist around come to visit Stanley market further down the main street.


We took this picture for Kevin because he is an avid Dragon paddler.

Every year they have a race here at Stanley.


Lots of restaurants lining the main street...


It is a really fun place to be...


Main street in Stanley


One of our friend in the U.S. has a Gorky so we took a picture of the dog reminding of him.


Now we are reaching Stanley Market.

Stanley Market is a place filled with tourists because there are an interesting array of little shops selling silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costume jewelries and souvenirs. 


I am checking some costume jewelries but did not find anything I like.


However it is still a lot of fun to look around...


More stores but still nothing that grabbed my attention...

There is nothing much for me to buy so we went back to Stanley Plaza.

We decided to check out Murray house.


On the 2nd  floor they have Saigon restaurant with a nice area to sit outside so that people can enjoy the view of the bay.


Entrance of the restaurant with beautiful large glass doors.

View of Stanley bay from the 2nd floor of Murray house.


Very quaint area.

A Chinese pagoda near by...

Next.. Beer and sausages



Our house


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