6 days in Hong Kong - 4/9/13 -4/14/13

Subway/Dim Sum Dinner/Avenue of stars Avenue of stars, Part 2

Day 4 - Dinner/Avenue of stars

We had such a big lunch that we decided to have a light lunch so we went back to Nathan Road and just walk around that area to find out if there is anything interesting to eat.

Granville Road are fashion factory outlets piled high with international and local brands, and boutiques selling budget and mid-priced youth street labels.

Granville road is home to Hong Kong’s next generation of fashion designers hunting for something quirky, unique, and innovative at affordable prices.


Granville road are full of tourists and local shopping for clothes.


Beside fashion there also a lot restaurants - this one is displaying lot of side dishes.


We decided to have a quick dinner is a small Chinese restaurant.

Again nobody spoke a word of English in the restaurant so we just around and pointed what we wanted for dinner..

We ordered some curry dish and braised pork. The braised pork was exceptionally good!


Egg noodle soup with beef balls and fish balls.

The noodle soup was decent but not as soon as good as the one we had on our 1st day in Hong Kong.

Chinese donuts- crispy and so good with the curry dish.


The Avenue of Stars

Remember when I told you I will tell you more about Avenue of Stars so here it is.

The Avenue of Stars is located along the Victoria Harbor waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui and about a few minutes from our hotel.

 The Avenue of Stars is modeled after the Hollywood walk of fame and having the exact concept to honor Hong Kong celebrities by having their a stars embedded in the sidewalks with their names.

From Tsim Tsa Tsui  you can have a very good view of all the lights from all the buildings in Wan Chai (Hong Kong Island).


At night time there are a lot of people walking around and waiting for the a light show called Symphony of lights.


Lots of restaurant facing Victoria Harbor and lots of young people hanging around there.


We spotted this German restaurant but since we already had dinner so Hoa and I we decided we should come back tomorrow for sausages and beer.

It's been a week eating Chinese food so German will be a nice change.

The walk from our hotel to Avenue of stars.  We had to take an overpass to cross the street.  On the left is Avenue of Stars.


Really nice view at night time.


Very nice area to walk after dinner.


Too bad it was a bit chilly so I had to bundle up a bit.

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