Julie and Jeremy's wedding, -07/28/2018

Wedding day

The arrival

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The wedding is held at La Bastide du Roy in Antibes.  Originally the residence was given to King Henry IV in 1608 as a wedding present and was named Bastide (small country house) du Roy (king).  The Bastide was sold to the City of Antibes by King Louis XV in 1779 and in 1924, the famous fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin buys the estate as a wedding present for his daughter, her muse Marguerite, known as Marie-Blanche Lanvin and her son-in-law Count de Polignac, member of the Princely Family of Monaco.

In 1971 following his marriage with Bianca, Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones spent a summer here at La Bastide du Roy

This is an aerial photo of the front of the property. The reception takes place in garden behind the chateau surrounded by an olive orchard.


We were led to a well manicure garden with centuries old olive trees.



The garden is really tranquil and beautiful.


It was a very hot day and fresh lemonade and cold water are available for the guests.


View from the back of garden looking at La Bastide.



Guests are welcome to walk around the garden.  All of us were exploring the ground..



We put on our nice clothes for the wedding..


The kids are so cute!




Hoa, Mai, chi Be and Trang


Melanie, Catherine, Hoa, and

Catherine, Loan, Tu Tu, Mai, Cang, Me, Dung, Loan, Chi Be, Sui, and Nathalie


Nathalie, Tu Tu, Cang, Hoa, and me.

Minh, Chi Be, Mai, and George


The guys having a little fun...

So many people taking pictures...very fun!

Pretty cool!

Our turn to have a fun group portrait!

Catherine showing Loan how to extend her arm for the photo



Tables are set up for people to pick up a fan for the ladies and a yarmulke (Jewish hat) for the men.


Detail inside the yarmulke

In order to get to the ceremony you have to go through a little opening surrounded by pine trees.  Really picturesque and then it opens up to a large area for a wedding ceremony.


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Our house


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