Julie and Jeremy's wedding, -07/28/2018

Wedding day

The reception

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Once the ceremony was over we walked to the front courtyard.


Appetizers and drinks are served.



Champagne is poured!

This the front facade of la Bastide.



Originally, the wedding was supposed to be in the courtyard but rain might be a possibility so they moved it inside under this huge covered patio.



Julie standing at the bar for her champagne...


The view was so nice and the surrounding is always so special with a magnificent view of the city.



Me with Melanie and Loan

Tutu, Toan, Lenny & Chloe


There are a lot of appetizers but Hoa and I we forgot to take picture of the food.


Foie gras is served with caramelized apricots.


How French is this? serving Foie gras as appetizers.

I was told that it is not uncommon to serve Foie gras at a French wedding..


Grilled foie gras, caramelized apricots, bread and champagne.



While waiting the band just went around and play music.  This guys is really good!


We were here for about 2 hours or so and we needed to sit down... old folks!


Picking up our tag for the party but we are just having fun before sitting down...


Next... Dinner/The Party




Our house


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