Julie and Jeremy's wedding, -07/28/2018

Wedding day

The ceremony

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Chairs are set up in a large garden surrounded by mature pine trees.


The chuppah and the altar beneath is for the couple to exchange vows.

A chuppah has 4 corners and a covered roof to symbolize the new home the couple will build together.


The ladies sit on the left and the men on the right-no mixing.


We are sitting down....ready for the ceremony!



The men are wearing a yarmulke per the Jewish tradition.






We are getting up waiting for the groom to walk in...



Jeremie and his mom walking in.



Jeremie takes place under the canopy while this incredible singer belt out an amazing Jewish wedding song.

We could not believe this guy was singing live, as his voice was incredible that we all thought they are playing a tape or something but it was live.


Bridesmaids and grooms walking in...


Waiting for the bride to walk in...


But before the bride walks in the flowers girls stole the show.


The kids are so cute and it looks like they are also having fun..


How cute is this?


Father and daughter walking down the aisle.


The bride is gorgeous in her beautiful wedding dress.

Jeremie lifting up the veil

The  bride looks radiant!


A tender and sweet moment between Julie and Jeremie


As the ceremony comes to an end, the groom is invited to step on a glass inside a cloth to shatter it.  The breaking of the glass holds multiple meanings.  Some say it represents the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the others say it demonstrated that marriage holds sorrow as well as joy so a representation of the commitment to stand by one another in good and hard times.

Shouting "Mazel tov!" is one of the most well-known Jewish wedding rituals.  Once the ceremony is over and the glass is broken, all the guests cheer "Mazel tov!"

Mazel tov has a similar meaning of "good luck" or "congratulations".


Now that the ceremony is over, all the guests are lining up to take a picture of the newly wed!

Us with Jeremie and Julie!
Congrats to the newly wed couple.


Jeremie, Julie, Cang, and George.


This all the bride's family that were able to be at the wedding.


Next... The reception



Our house


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