Julie and Jeremy's wedding, -07/28/2018

Wedding day

Dinner/The Party

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I took these pictures right after the ceremony while the sun is still out.  The dining area and the band is in the back.


The bride and groom table


The menu


The groom and bride's table.

Chandelier on the table.


It is getting dark now and this is the dance floor and the band area in the back.


Lights are on....


Each table is named after a flower...


View of a view tables in the dinning area.


Flowers arrangement on each table.

This is our table!

Guests are coming slowly into the main dinning area.

Music is on and the newly we made an entrance by dancing all the way to main podium.


Jeremie and Julie dancing to the music....



Again, this band is really exceptional!  They really know how to get all the guests to participate and dance pretty the whole evening.


Loan, Minh, Dung and Tom are having fun too...



First course: Salmon gravlax with fennel salad

Definitely the flow of the wedding is totally different here in France.  First the groom/bride dance for about a good hour before the first course is served which is around 9:00AM


Then everyone dance for another hour before the main course is brought out.

It is about 10:00PM now and the band is still going strong.  They never took a break, and played the whole evening without an interruption.


So much fun when the music is outstanding!


Main dish is a Sea bream with vegetable.


Even when we are eating the music never stop...

More music and more dancing....




Everybody is having fun..

We left around 1:00AM and they have not even cut the cake yet! 

I was told the next day that they cake was cut around 1:00AM/2:00AM and the party went on until 4:00Am.

They definitely know how to party in France!

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