Anne's travel to Italy & France -June 1999 

Paris Milan Venice Florence Rome Pisa/Nice

I have spent the best two weeks of my life traveling from Paris to Italy.  We rented a van in Paris and drove from Paris to Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and stopped for a few hours in Pisa, Santa Marguerita and finally to Nice the French Riviera, where we finally stayed all day on the beach watching people go by and enjoyed the luxury of doing nothing after a week on the run....

The gang of 7 in Saint Peter's square (The Vatican)-Missing Phong 'cause somebody have to volunteer to take the picture. 

This time without Hoa 'cause he is taking this picture...


Our first Stop...Paris

La Samaritaine

We are dining tonight at a French Restaurant "Toupary", situated on the 5th floor of the famous Samaritaine, a French department Store. 

The restaurant has a fantastic panoramic view of Paris and les Quais de Seine.

Located  at 2 quai du Louvre, on the 1st Arrondissment -Tel: 01 40 41 29 29


This is a glance at the River Seine, the Seine divide Paris into the left Bank and the Right Bank.  We are on the Right Bank looking over to the Left Bank.

Look on the top left corner of the picture, you can see the roof top of Notre Dame Cathedral.


I think eveyone had a good time here...The food was amazing, the wine was incredible, the company was fantastic and the view was just extraordinary.


Hung, Jackie, Thuan, Son, Valerie, Hung, Duyen, Hanh, and Phong

Hunh and Duyen

Hung and Jackie.  Hoa and Hung were class mate in Laos.


Hanh and Phong

Valerie and Son


Our Next Stop... MILAN
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