July 1999

Paris Milan Venice Florence Rome Pisa/Nice

The Colosseum
The site's disrepair and disintegration into pastureland mirrored the fall of the Roman empire, and excavations have been underway since the 18th century. The Forum is entered from the piazza leading from the colosseum - that house of horrors cum marble quarry, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. You immediately enter another world: the past. Columns rise from grassy hillocks and repositioned pediments and columns aid the work of the imagination.


This is a view of the underground floor of the colosseum.  Lions used to roam these floors before the big battle.  Imagine there is a floor on top of the lower ground and spectators are watching the killing/massacre on the first level.

One of the many balconies where spectators can watch the massacre by waiting for the signal from the emperor it is going to be thumbs up or down?.

The Fountain of Trevi

The high-baroque fountain of trevi where lovers comes and makes their wishes...

The Vatican
Not many religions actually own a country, but Catholicism isn't just any religion,  Vatican City!!  isn't any ordinary country.  Headed up by his Holiness, the tiny enclave in the heart of Rome is the administrative and spiritual capital of Roman Catholicism, and the world's smallest independent state. During the working week, the population increases five-fold as residents of Rome cross the 'border' to do the Lord's work.

The Sistine chapel where Michael Angelo's and Rafello's work can be found.


One of the many beautiful ceiling in the Sistine Chapel.

The famous colonnade by Bernini.

140 saints are arranged along the balustrade of the square.  Each saint is over 3 meters tall. All the saints were sculpted by Bernini's assistant.

I just love the architecture.


Beautiful sculptures in the Vatican's museum

Marble sculptures are just incredible.


Saint Peter's Square- Do you think that my dress is too short?

Apparently yes....... Note The long sarong!

My dress was way too short according to the Vatican' rules. I got kicked out and had to buy this blue wrap around skirt (picture #2).   Male can not get in wearing shorts and Girls' dress or skirt have to cover the knees.  On top of that, I was stopped by one of the security guard while inside the Vatican because I  removed my sweater and my shoulders was bare, so again, I have to put back my sweater (it was very hot an humid) and I was threaten again to be thrown own because my shoulders was showing.  I got two strikes against me.... I was left along after that...  Thank the LORD!


Huge sculpture, it is very impressive standing next to it.

I closer look at the huge columns that line up the side of St Peter's Square.


The Swiss Guard at the Vatican.

The swiss Guards are behinf me.  I think this is the entrance to the offices of the Vatican.



Our Next Stop... Nice


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