PISA and NICE   
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PISA-The leaning Tower

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has been straightened by four-fifths of an inch, visitors will not notice the minute alteration, but it represents the first stage of a revolutionary attempt to shore up the famous tower.  By next year, they hoped to have pushed the tower back by about 15 inches. This will be sufficient to make it safe while preserving sufficient tilt for it to merit its name. The work began in December and the second phase starts in September. The 14,500-ton tower has been closed to the public since 1990. It started leaning after construction began on waterlogged land in 1173. It is so sensitive that its tilt can be affected by rain or heat. At its worst, it has been at an angle of 5.5 degrees, which is on the verge of collapse.

Yes, we are trying to save the tower too.. 

Lots of wire are holding up the tower and tons of steels are on the left hand side of the tower to prevent it from leaning.

NICE-French Riviera 
 The Côte d'Azur has always been appreciated for its landscapes and gentle way of life.  Nice has been classified, for over ten years, as the first town of France for its flowering and for the beauty of its gardens.  You may stroll along the pedestrian walks, the famous promenade des Anglais" or going through the hills of Nice with beauty spots on the way, or walk through the town. 

Our second honeymoon-Perfect surrounding.

Happy being there... Hung and Duyen

The beautiful couple...Hanh and Phong 

Thuan the only single guy in the group. 

A better look at the "promenade des Anglais" and the coast line.

Enjoying myself.. and knowing we were going to have a great dinner soon... 

Well, that is for now and until next year.. Probably to Wimbledon and Spain..

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