10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 7- Whisky bar, Osaka-11/4/22

Tonight is our last night in Osaka and Hoa wanted to have a nice whisky drink.  He did some research and picked Main Bar Spirits located off the main street in the heart of Namba and only a minute walk from our dinner reservation at a Sukiyaki restaurant.

The entrance of the bar is a small wooden door on the right.


Main bar spirits menu


The bar is fairly small with 6 seats at the bar and another 3 small tables against the wall.


Hoa ordered an old fashion and I ordered a gin and tonic.


Our bar tender at work with our drinks.



Our bar tender making the Old fashion


Next, he is making my cocktail using a Japanese gin.


We also ordered a plate of Jamon (Hoa's favorite).  We were a bit surprised to find out they served Jamon in Japan.


Once the cocktails are done, our bar tender came to our table to deliver the cocktails.


Old Fashion on the left and Gin and Tonic on the right.


View of both cocktails.


Close look at the Old Fashion




Gorgeous presentation!


We truly enjoyed our drinks and snacks.


Jamon was delicious too.

Hoa wanted to give a tip but our bar tender said " No tip in Japan".  He thanks us but it is a NO.


Before we left our bar tender ran out and took a picture with us.



NEXT.... Day 7-Dinner at Yawaraka Hozenji restaurant, Osaka





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