10 days in Japan - 10/29/2022 to 11/7/2022










Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 3- Yokohama -10/31/22

Yokohama Cosmo World

From the Landmark tower we are walking toward the Yokohama Cosmo world.

Yokohama Media tower is located in the center of Yokohama Minato Mirai district and is high above a skyscraper with a height of about 100 meters above the ground.


The tower is equipped with a communication tower of about 150 m.  The office on the 3rd floor is an advanced workplace that makes full use of in-mobile communication and multimedia, and the workplace as a mini-center office extracts needs and responds to various spaces.


Minato Mirai is an urban area in the center of Yokohama whose name means "harbor of the future".  It has many large high-rises buildings.


We are now close to the harbor with the Yokohama Cosmo world ahead of us.



Crossing Kokusai Bridge to get to Cosmo World.


Gorgeous view of the harbor.  On the right is the Landmark building that we recently visited.


Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris Wheel.

This Ferris wheel was built in 1989, as an exhibit for the Yokohama Expo



Cosmo World is dominated by a giant clock-faced Ferris wheel which has now become an iconic feature of the Yokohama skyline.


Cosmo World is a compact but varied amusement park with enough entertainment for both kids and adults to spend an afternoon.


Panoramic view of the inside of the amusement park.


Across the street is the cup of Noodles Museum.  We did not get in as I am not that interested in it.


The building you see is the Intercontinental Yokohama grand and is located just across the street from Cosmo World.


We are done with out day in Yokohama.  We did not want to walk back to the train station you we took a taxi.


Yokohama station.  Ready to take the train back to Tokyo.



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