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Day 8-Hiroshima




Day 3- Dinner at Uoshin Nogizaka, Tokyo-10/31/22

Uoshin Nogizaka is located near the high end shopping district of Roppongi. Uoshin is owned by a seafood wholesaler which gives them access to some great seafood and the dishes are reasonably priced.

Uoshin is a very popular restaurant and reservation is highly recommended. 


The view from the exterior: the entrance of the restaurant looks like a rustic shack-like .


The entrance of Uoshin is very simply decorated.


The interior is a long and narrow hallway where people are sitting facing the counter and on the other side people are facing the street.


The restaurant was full and we were thankful we made reservation.


The ambiance is very lively, relax, in a very casual atmosphere.


Most of the servers here speak English and they also have an English menu.


We sat at the counter facing the kitchen.


Sushi station


Beer for Hoa and cold tea for me.


Boiled hairy crab called Kegani in Japan are fished from the Pacific Ocean and the Bering sea surrounding Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island


The hairy crab meat is renowned for its sweetness and it did not disappoint.  You can definitely tell the crab meat is fresh and so delicious.


Fried fish bones and fried fish skin.


We wanted to be adventurous and order this dish for its crispiness but it was just okay.


Assortment of Sashimi Moriawase (mixed sashimi platter) was excellent.  We enjoyed all the fish that were served.




Nogizaka specialty: cucumber roll topped with salmon roe, chopped tuna, crab meat an sea urchin


The portion was so generous but so delicious.


So colorful and we enjoyed every single bite.


Moving on to a 2nd bottle of beer for Hoa.


Octopus tempura with seaweed


I like it a lot, it was crispy with lots of octopus inside.


Assortment of sushi Moriawase



Simply delicious!


Ending our meal with a bowl of fresh mixed seafood topped with uni.


Love, love this dish, especially when the fish is fresh and so yummy.


Like I said the food was great and we ate everything.




We really had a great dinner at Uoshin!  Very good service, fun ambiance, and reasonnably priced.


Uoshin Nogizaka

9 Chome-6-32 Akasaka

Minato City, Tokyo 107-0052

Tel: +81 3 3405 0411


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