Oahu, Hawaii - 8/9/10 -8/13/10

Day 1

Checking in hotel

China town


Day 2

Coffee/Early walk

Hiking-Diamond head

Dole Plantation

Dinner at JJ Bistro

Day 3

Quick tour -North shore

Bishop Museum

Royal Hawaiian

Dinner at Roy's

Day 4


The Aquarium

Paddle surfing

Dinner at Tokkuri-Tei

Last Dinner at Tokkuri-Tei

Tokkuri-Tei is a restaurant where locals go to have Japanese food Izakaya (bistro) style.   Tokkuri-Tei was one of the first izakaya-style restaurants in Honolulu, and the menu has grown along with the clientele. The menu includes pages and pages of oddly named, delightfully interesting bits and bites.  Order contemporary sushi, "bata" dishes or the signature spider poke with fish, roe and a chili vinaigrette. Wash it all down with a beer or sake from the excellent selection. Lots of celebrities stop at Tokkuri-Tei when they're in town, mixing in with the savvy locals who know the difference between a good and great Japanese meal.

Open kitchen concept with sushi bar.  The restaurant  looks kind of homey, a little bit like a hole in the wall compared to upper scale Japanese restaurant like the one we went to on our first night in Hawaii. Situated a bit out of the touristy way, this was certainly the "real thing".

Autographs on the wall.

Tokkuri-Tei store front

Hoa started the meal with a Japanese beer.


This is one of Tokkuri-Tei special -Nori tempura with melted cheese with tomato, avocado and special sauce.  This is actually pretty good.  The nori is really crunchy and tasty!

Sashimi was so fresh and tasty!

Octopus salad was simply delicious!


Spicy tuna hand roll was just okay!

Ika yaki-Squid pancake tasted pretty good.

Spider roll was excellent.  The next picture is a spider poke roll which is a bit different than the regular spider roll.

This is a  Spider Poke roll which is different from the spider roll.  The spider poke roll is a soft-shell crab, fried tempura style and wrapped in a sushi roll along with two kinds of sashimi. They then top it with loads of ikura (salmon roe) and masago (smelt roe) and serve it with a spicy sauce. Awesome

Gyūtan-grilled beef tan.

 I love this dish!

Assorted fresh  Uni, salmon roe and tako.

The classic Agedashi tofu


Poke salad

This was our last dinner in Hawaii! The food was pretty good but we ordered too many dishes!  In the end we had a very enjoyable meal there.

We went to see a movie after dinner and then the next day we hopped on the plane a flew home.

Hawaii was definitely fun, the weather was amazing, the people friendly, we had very good food.  I was a very nice and relaxing trip and we will go back there again!

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