A Quadruple celebration - 2/13/2021

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Table set up

This is a special year as we are celebrating mine and Phu's birthday, Chinese New Year, and Valentine!

It was a struggle to figure out which way to go with the decorations.  Should the decorations be Birthday, Chinese New Year, Valentine or a mixture of the 3 themes.

In the end I went with Valentine simply because I have so many decorations stored away and it is good to bring them out once a year.

Now that I have determined to go Valentine decorations, I am going all out and trying to create a cozy, happy, and convivial ambiance.

Starting with the cupboard in the hallway and I am spreading the decorations to make it as festive as I can.

I am using lots of Red as it is the color for Valentine and it is also for Chinese new year, mixed with pink and white.


I am hanging lots Peonies paper flower, valentine banner and also a Happy Birthday banner to welcome our guests.


The table is decorated and overall it looks pretty welcoming.


Close look at all the decorations on the ceiling and on the doors.


My first thoughts were to hang all the decorations on top of the dinning table but my ceiling is too high, and I could not reach it even standing up on the table.   Since that did not work, I had to go with plan B, which is hang them close to the door where the ceiling is only 9 ft., and I can use a ladder.


Details of a few decorations on the door...Let's party!


Table overview


View of the table from both end.


Decorations in the center of the table.


Happy new year, Happy valentine, and Happy birthday stickers for each of our guests.


Centerpieces full of hearts and festive decorations.



Close look at more centerpieces.


The orchid you see in the center was given to me by Kevin and Kristie last year for my 60th birthday and it is blooming again this year.



Mixing red, pink, and purple are perfect for Valentine.



Plate setting.


Menu is inside the envelope and every couple is getting a small box of chocolate from Godiva.


Menu front and back


Back of the menu

Phu and I we got a bigger box because we are also celebrating our birthday.


I am even dressing up Dora into a very cute valentine dress.


NEXT.... Celebration menu


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