A Quadruple celebration - 2/13/2021

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Platting/Behind the scene

You have seen the whole party and now this is a quick glimpse on what happened in the kitchen before the food is brought to the table.

Here I am putting the first duo appetizer together.  Everything is prepared ahead of time and all I have to do is pan seared the foie gras and put everything together.



Final presentation before it is brought out to the table and served.


Huyen is helping me with the 2nd duo appetizers .  Here she is scooping the caviar on top of the salmon gravalax.


I am in front of my stove with Ha, finishing cooking the Uni pasta .


Pasta is brought out and then platted with a generous portion of Caviar.


This is ready to be served.


I am done with the platting the pizza and now I am cutting it into 4 portions per plate.

Ha in the back if helping with putting the details together.

Here you can really see me cutting the pizza.



Phu's turn to be in the kitchen for his steak and egg.


Phu pan searing the beef.


Once done, it is rested for 5 minutes.


The beef is done resting and Phu is now slicing the beef.

Phu is starting to put all the beef into 4 plates.
Ready to eat....

Dessert time!  I am bringing all the dessert and putting them on display.


You got a quick glimpse at some of the actions in the kitchen and it was a lot of work but it was so much fun to be able to spend time with friends on such a special occasion!.

Until the next meal!

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