A Quadruple celebration - 2/13/2021

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Birthday celebration!

I baked this cake for Valentine using red and pink but it is also to celebrate mine and Phu's birthday.


The base of the cake is a genoise filled with chocolate mousse and the icing is whipped crème.


Making a cake takes so much time. I think I spend at least 3 to hours to make it.

First you have to bake the cake (1 hour) then it need to be cooled and refrigerated.  Next you have to make the filling and then you have to put it together and decorate it.

I am not the greatest at decorating cake but the cake turn out to be good enough for the occasion.


Close look at the cake.


I also made  a Tofu cheesecake with coffee infused Maple syrup -Click on LINK to see preparation

And strawberries dipped in chocolate.


Close view at the desserts.



Getting ready to blow the birthday candles.


We are not going to blow the candles on the cake because of Covid!

So on the plate it is just the special 60th birthday candles and a few strawberries for decoration.


We are gathering around me and Phu....


Candles are lit and we are ready to blow...


Happy 60th Birthday to Phu and happy 16th (in reverse) to me.


Huyen, Maily, me, Alice, and Ha, all pretty in pink/red!



We had so much fun that everyone stayed until midnight!


This was past midnight and Dora is exhausted too.



NEXT.... Platting/behind the scene


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