5 days in Seoul, Korea-5/17-5/22/2023

Day 1
Arrival/Korean BBQ
Day 2
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Hoa's Birthday at Mr. Ahn's Craf Magkeolli
Day 3
Changdeokgung Palace
Secret garden
Jongmyo Shrine
Dinner at Kyoyan Siksa
Day 4
Meyeong-Dong Cathedral
Hop on Hop off bus
Gwanjang Market
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Dinner at Yakitori Mook
Day 5
War Memorial Museum
Lotus Lantern Festival
Bukchon Village
Hongdae street
Dinner at Dono & Cocktails

Day 5: Bukchon Hanok Village-5/21/23

 In 2000 the Korean government invested 12 million US dollar into Bukchon Village Rehab Project.   Around 900 houses that were fallen in disrepair were restored and they are now galleries, little shops, hanok guest houses, cafes and restaurants.This project won the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage award for cultural heritage conservation in 2009 and is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in Seoul

The Buchon Village is off of Insa-Dong street.  It is just a few blocks away so you definitely walk there.


People lining up to eat this traditional Korean food restaurant.


Front of the line to get in the restaurant.


Looks like the restaurant is really tiny.  It does not stop people to wait in line to get in.  The food must be good here.



Stores that was renovated but kept the traditional Korean architecture.



We are now entering the old neighborhood with traditional houses called Hanok that date back to the Joseon Dynasty.


The name Bukchon means northern village simply because it lies north of two significant landmarks in Seoul: Cheonggyecheon Stream and Jongno.


The houses are very small but they are very quaint.


A hanok with a grandiose main gate.


Today many of these hanoks operate as cultural centers, guest houses, restaurants and tea houses, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience and immerse themselves into traditional culture.  This one is a tea house.


Customers seating outside and enjoying tea.


Contrast between a traditional hanok and modern high rise building around.


Nice narrow alley where people can enjoy a cup of coffee in a peaceful atmosphere.



Some of the hanok are people's home so visitors are advised to be respectful of their surrounding.



Beautiful wooden entrance door.


More entrance gates.


A store selling plants on the left, hanok in the back with green and white tiles alley in the center, on the right is some type of store.



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