5 days in Seoul, Korea- 5/17-5/22/2023

Day 1
Arrival/Korean BBQ
Day 2
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Hoa's Birthday at Mr. Ahn's Craf Magkeolli
Day 3
Changdeokgung Palace
Secret garden
Jongmyo Shrine
Dinner at Kyoyan Siksa
Day 4
Meyeong-Dong Cathedral
Hop on Hop off bus
Gwanjang Market
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Dinner at Yakitori Mook
Day 5
War Memorial Museum
Lotus Lantern Festival
Bukchon Village
Hongdae street
Dinner at Dono & Cocktails

Day2:Insa-dong - 5/18/2023

Insa-Dong is a popular neighborhood located in the heart of Seoul that is known as the center of traditional Korean culture.  For a long time, it was the place to go for antiques, art, calligraphy, and arts and crafts.  It was a place where old yet valuable traditional items can be exchanged.

The main street Insa-Dong gill runs for about half a mile and is filled with shops.


There are also narrow back alleys that lined with art galleries, wooding tea house, restaurants, cafes, and small shops selling arts and crafts.


It is a lively street!


Many of the buildings in this area were once owned by merchants, bureaucrats, and government officials during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897).


Insa-dong street is blocked off to vehicles on Saturdays and Sundays and reserved for pedestrians only.


Many Korean ceramics and some dating back thousand of years are bough and sold here in Insa-Dong.

I bought the tall and short vase and the lady told me it was done by a local artist.


Colorful shops that sell souvenirs, clothes, etc...


I love custom jewelry so I could not resist and bought a necklace here.


Insa-Dong is know for tea so we decided to stop by shop.  Stairs going up to the main store.


Beside tea or coffee they also have a lot of desserts.


The shop is on the 2nd floor with the nice view of the main street.


I have a change of heart and went with a cappuccino instead of tea.


Very good cup of coffee!


A store selling paintings and posters.


Souvenirs store on the left and on the right a store selling Buddhist Deities masks.




Insa-Dong has a nice vibe and it was nice walking around.



NEXT...Dinner at Mr. Ahn Craft Magkeolli




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