Octavia, San francisco-06/15/2019

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After eating at Octavia over a year ago, we have been raving about it so much that a few of friends wanted to give it a try.  It is really difficult to get a reservation and the maximum is for 6 people.  For larger party they have a special table in the back for 12 people and I think they charge $1,500 for a minimum spend.

Octavia is a 1 Michelin star where the food is delicious and service is also very attentive.



Silverware on a rustic table.


"DEVILED EGG,” dolcini farm egg, Fresno chile relish, marash pepper & spice 


This is their signature dish and the egg does not disappoint.




House made Sourdough bread.  The bread is really amazing here.


Halibut crudo, aguachile, nectarine, avocado mousse, cucumber, jalapeño 

I Love this dish!  It acidic, sweet, spicy and so refreshing and perfect for summer.

Hamachi karma with grilled green beans, carrots and parsley.


BUTTER LETTUCE, "everything spice," butter bean, pickled cucumber, feta

Simple butter lettuce but very tasty.   


PAPPARDELLE, summer squash, corn, Genovese basil, pecorino & romesco    


KING SALMON, haricot vert, new potato, dill, cherry tomato & remoulade    

The salmon was perfectly cook, moist and simply delicious.


Toasted ANGEL CAKE, nigella seed, strawberry, sake kasu sorbet.

I love this dessert, very light and perfect on a summer day,


Salted chocolate toret, burnt honey ice cream, caramelia, honeycomb.

This is is really great dessert!


The restaurant at night!


Octavia did not disappoint and our friends really the food.   We were having so fun and enjoying the food that I forgot to take pictures of all the food.



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