Acquerello, San Francisco -4/23/2022

The restaurant Chef's menu Coffee/Mignardise/wine cellar


As usual we love to have our coffee with our desserts.



Once all of the desserts are served, it is not over yet!

Here comes the Mignardises cart full of goodies.


I was so full that I had to pass but Huyen got a few things just to have a taste.


The meal is now over and we really enjoyed the whole dining experience.



Before we leave, Davide brought out a box of cookies for us to take home and he told us to eat it for breakfast tomorrow.


Inside the box is a note on the almond biscotti.


That is so thoughtful!


On our way out, one of the bus boy told us to take a picture at the entrance of the dinning room as the surrounding is nicer.


Nice picture of the four of us.



As we are about to exit the restaurant, Raphael our sommelier wanted to give us a tour of one of the wine cellar.  Apparently they have like 3 or 4 of them.


Wine director Gianpaolo Paterlini's 2,000-bottle wine list features top-tier Italian bottles with a focus on Piemonte, as well as a number of premium California entries.

This wine cellar is located right before entering the dinning room.


Raphael explaining the wine they are buying and below are a quick glance at what they have in their cellar.




They have an exquisite wine list but they are exclusively Italian wine.  However, they do not have any French wine.


I am so glad we selected Acquarello as the service was very professional but also warm and friendly.   The attention to detail is extremely impressive and you really get fascinated by how smooth the service is being ran.  Raphael our sommelier was also very knowledgeable about wine and when he saw we brought the Petrus he knew exactly how special the bottle was.  He was also very open to work with Phuc about the timing on when to open the bottle, and also suggest that the wine should be pour into a decanter.  Timing is very crucial here as if you open the bottle too early, the smell of the bouquet might be fading away by the time you drink the 2nd glass.

The food was wonderful, artfully presented, using fresh, tasty, and elevated take on Italian cuisine. It was a dinner to remember for a long time and a place I would love to come back for a special occassion.


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