Acquerello, San Francisco -4/23/2022

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Seasonal tasting menu

The seasonal tasting menu at Acquerello is the use and combination of the freshest ingredients and innovative approach to classic Italian flavors and modern techniques. 

Chef's surprise for the evening in a trio of Dishes:

Salmon roe tart, crispy potatoes rolls with potato mousse topped  with caviar of gold leaflet, snail croquette


This is a one bite amuse bouche.  The dough of the tart is very thin an also very crispy paired with the salmon roe. The salmon row smell like the sea and pops in your mouth.

We loved it!  Good start so far...


The crispy potatoes shell is filled is potato mousse and topped caviar and golf leaf.  Delicious.


Snail croquette- I love the Zen presentation


The inside is liquidly and just melt in your mouth.  I did not really taste the snail but it is very yummy.


So yummy that we devoured the whole appetizers in 3 bites.


Course 1: Bluefin Tuna, Fava Bean, grilled ramps, Kampot Pepper


This dish has many layers and it is really refreshing and simply delicious!


Underneath the Bluefin tuna sashimi is a tuna tartar with Fava Bean, and grilled ramps.


Bread service with two types of bread, house made butter, and sea salt.

Course 2: Red Mullet, Salt Spring mussels, artichoke, roasted pepper


Beautiful presentation! The mullet was sweet and all the ingredients worked well together.


Course 3: Orecchiette, pork cheek sugo, broccolini, crispy pig ears


Love this dish and it was so inventive. 

They take the traditional Oricchiette dish and put their own twist by adding crispy pig ears, fried the broccolini (so it is crispy), pork cheek with an incredible intense flavorful sauce.  The whole dish is put together so well and I love it.


They are so many people waiting on our table.  I guess the staff take turn to serve different dishes.


Course 4:Brent Wolfe's Quail, Rainbow chard, elderflower, strawberry vinegar


What a great dish!  We all love it.  Not sure how the quail is prepared but the texture and the taste is really out there.

Simply to die for.


Closer look at the dish.


One of the many waiters pouring the sauce on my plate.


Course 5:Ridge pasta faux "Foie Gras" black truffle and Marsala.


The ridged al dente tube pasta was covered in a decadent faux foie gras, black truffles and a sweetness from Marsala.  It was a bit too sweet for me so I added a bit of salt and it was better balance.

 Davide, our waiter told us the restaurant has to come up with a faux foie gras recipe because they could not keep up with the banning of foie gras in California and when they could not get the foie gras, they had to be creative.

It was way too rich and too sweet for my taste and this is the dish on the menu that I like the least.


Course 6:Duo of Oregon Lamb, green garlic, potato, Pecorino, bluefoot mushroom


Beautiful presentation!


There is nothing in this dish that we did not like.  We also like the contrast between the lamb that is pan seared and the lamb that is confit in slow heat.



Course 7:Cheese selection and condiments.


The cheese cart, which is loaded with exclusively Italian cheeses and house-made accompaniments, is sure to tempt. 


Davide putting the finish touch on the cheese platter.  Hoa did not like the bread they gave us, he prefers the traditional French bread instead of these funky crackers.


Course 8:Creme fraiche mousse, Mandarin sphere, kumquat


So beautiful to look at and the colors are so vibrant.


The mandarin sphere explode in your mouth, the creaminess of the crème fraiche mousse, the crunchiness of the white chocolate, and the sweetness/tart of the kumquat makes this a hit.


Course 9: Stracciatello gelato, grilled strawberry, meringue, long pepper


Who does not like gelato, seriously!  Perfect ending to a perfect meal.


Mignardise, compliment of the house with a special wish for our retirement.


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