12 days in Spain & 4 days in Paris- 9/12/14- 9/9/28/14

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4 days in Seville - Day 2

Real Alcazar cont'd - Patio de los Levies

Going down to the 1st floor and entering the patio de los Levies (Levies courtyard)

It is named “levies” for being placed in one of its sides a gallery from the Levies House, originally in the medieval Jewish quarter of the city. The gallery consists of four semicircular arches on columns (covered in lust vegetation) and pilasters of renaissance style.


Koi fish pond

Peter I Palace's facade

Entrance to Peter I' Palace Facade


The architecture is a blend of Islamic tracery and gothic Christian element introducing us to the Mudejar style seen throughout Pedro's part of the palace.


Courtyard of the Maidens - Patio de las Doncellas

This is the center of King's Pedro's palace.  It is an open air courtyard, surrounded by rooms.  In the center is a long rectangular reflecting pool.  Like the Moors who preceded him, Pedro built this palace around water.

King Pedro abandoned his wife and moved into the Alcazar with his mistress, then hired Muslim workers from Granada to re-create the romance of Alhambra's city into Sevilla's stark Alcazar.  The designers created a microclimate engineered for coolness: water, sunken gardens, pottery, thick walls, and darkness.

The palace is considered Spain's best example of the Mudejar style.  Stucco panels with elaborate designs, colorful ceramic tiles, coffered wooden ceilings, and lobed arched atop slender columns create a refined, pleasing environment. 




Now we heading outside into the garden.




Walk way lined with orange trees


Closer look at the Orange trees.  You can see a few oranges but they are still green.


Myrtle hedges provide shade and keep the building cool from the hot summer.


Mercury Pool

The mercury pool, a reservoir fed by a 16th century aqueduct, irrigated by the palace's entire garden.  As only elites had running water, the fountain was an extravagant show of power.


Bronze statue of Mercury, with his cute little winged feet.

More fish in the pond...



I am sure this tree been here for centuries...


The tour is now over and we heading out...

As we are heading out you can see the Giralda tower and the faith statue on top afar...


Statue on John pope close to the Giralda tower.


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