12 days in Spain & 4 days in Paris- 9/12/14- 9/9/28/14

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4 days in Seville -Day 3

Last evening in Seville

After a long day in Granada we drove back to Seville, rested a bit and then it was time for dinner.  We went back to the Barrio of Santa Cruz because at night time the streets are lively and there are so many restaurants to choose from.

Minh selected to have Italian food tonight at the Gusto ristobar.

We opted to sit outside since the weather is so nice


We ordered a plate of pasta with seafood.  It was actually pretty good.


Lots of seafood...


We also ordered 2 type of pizzas but they were simply horrible but that's okay since it gives us a chance to eat somewhere else.


Blurry picture but this restaurant is located next to cathedral.  The wall you see in the back is a small portion of the Cathedral.


We took a little break and stop by the Second Room for some cocktails.



This is a real cute little bar... next to us are a couple from England if I remember correctly and we chatted a bit.


Minh ordered a Martini Espresso

Hoa ordered a Cosmopolitan

Both cocktails looked amazing!


But according to Minh and Hoa they did not put enough alcohol in their cocktail maybe that's why they are reasonably priced -  6 euros per cocktail about $8 


The best part is the Giraldar is at the end of the Street.

Great view to sit, relax and sip your cocktail and get to enjoy an amazing view.


This guy approached Hoa and asked if he wanted his shoes to be polish...

The cocktail probably Hoa in a happy mood so he said "YES, why not"..

As the guy was polishing Hoa's shoes...then he pulls out a plastic tip and keep saying "protection, protection..".  He was so fast that Hoa did have time to react and the next thing we saw was the guys hammering the plastic tip in the heel of Hoa's shoe.

We just laugh, we know the is guy is trying to make a quick buck but we don't really care.  By the end the damage was 12 euros for his service!

Who cares... it was also a lot of fun watching him singing the flamenco and trying to entertain while polishing the shoes.

The bad part was that  the next day the plastic that supposed to protect fell right off... Somebody got taken for a ride!  :-)


Since we did not eat that much Loan and I we suggested to go back to Modesto restaurant close to our hotel.

Here we are walking back in the Barrio Santa Cruz. It is around 10:00Pm by now....


Beautiful alley in the Jewish quarter

Modesto restaurant (not to be confused with Modesto Tapas) is located in a busy square.  This is the more expensive restaurant with white linen tablecloth.

It is around 10:00Pm on a week day and the square is filled with people.  Spaniards really know how to enjoy life.

This is Modesto tapas bar, more casual and less expensive located just across from Modesto restaurant.

OF course we had to order a plate of Jamon de Iberico per Hoa's request.

The shrimps were so good the last time that we came back tonight just them.

 We knew this time that 1 order was not enough so we ordered 2 plates.


We got 3 shrimps per person!  Just the perfect portion...

I can eat these shrimps every day!  They are so delicious and fresh.


Pulpo de gallega - Grilled octopus, potatoes, olive oil.


The octopus was cooked perfectly!  Very flavorful dish.

After dinner we stopped by the Altamira Bar.


Our last evening in Seville ended at the Altamira bar for coffee/dessert and Digestif.


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