4 days in Brittany, France -09/26/2023-9/29/2023

Day 1-St. Brieuc
St Brieuc

Dinner aux Pesked

Day 2-Dinan
Dinan, Old Town

Rue Jerzual

The port of Dinan

Church of Saint-Malo

City tour

Dinner a La Fleur de Sel

Day 3-St-Malo/Cancale
The ramparts of St. Malo

The ramparts cont.

Lunch with Katherine

The Sillon Beach


Dinner at Bistro Pilote

Dinan at Night

Day 4-Dinard/St Jacut de la mer
Plage de L'ecluse

Seaside promenade

Lunch at La cour de recre

Clair de Lune promenade

Saint Jacut de la mer

Dinner at Longueville

Aux Pesked, Saint Brieuc- 9/26/2023

Aux pesked (Fish in Breton) is a 1 Michelin star restaurant located in Saint Brieuc and for 16 consecutive years the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star. Matthieu Aumont, the self taught chef is known for his cuisine that combines fresh products, fish and seafood that are rigorously selected to the table.  Dishes are superbly prepared and the plates come out at the right pace and temperature with the refinement of sauces and spices that bring out unexpected flavors and awakens your palate.


The front of the restaurant.


Tuan and Maily were already there and they come out of the restaurant to greet us.


The interior is modern with a nice floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the Gouët Valley


Terrace with a scenic view of the Valley


Chef Matthieu came out to take a picture with us.


Thierry, Chi Be, Mai, Cang, Me, Tuan, Chef Matthieu, Hoa

Sitting: Maily and Soeur Bernadette (Maily's cousin)


Japanese whiskey for Thierry and Hoa and Bellini for the ladies.


Starting the meal with a Appetizer in three layers.


The first layer is radish with a light cream on a crispy chip.


Starting our appetizer.


The 2nd layer is grilled zucchini with faro and minced clams cooked in a fish broth.


Very light and very flavorful


Cheers to a start of a great meal!


The third layer is an oyster with pickled ginger -So fresh!


Assorted bread and brioche with butter


The bread was so delicious and the butter is also so good but we have to refrain ourselves from eating....


The 1st course is a marinated mackerel with steamed clams, lots of vegetables, puree of beets on a crispy cracker and drizzle with a beet sauce.


What a beautiful presentation!


Mackerel usually have a strong odor but we were so surprised that here the mackerel does not have any smell at all and the dish is simply so delectable.


Wine for the table.


The second course is a barely cooked langoustine with a tuile, roasted rainbow carrots, and puree of yellow carrots.


The langoustine was so sweet and so fresh with such a wonderful sauce.

The dish is top with a lemon verbena which has a bright, slightly sweet, herbaceous flavor with a distinct hint of lemongrass. 


We all love this dish.  Each ingredient on the plate are perfect together.


The third course is a pan seared Pollock with a mild, creamy, and  delicate texture.  The fish is absolutely cooked to perfection


The Pollock is paired with fried artichoke, roasted cipollini, marinated artichoke, beans with a delicious and bright arugula vinaigrette.


It was so good and also well presented.


The Fig

Breton shortbread, fresh roasted fig, “fragola” grapes, cooking juice, plant infusion in milk foam.


So beautiful to look at.


Once the dish is on the table, our waitress proceed to spoon a generous doll up of milk foam.


The Lemon

Variation of lemons and citrus fruits and meringue


 It was so delicious with various texture and we all love it.


Desserts are done and our waitresses are cleaning our table.




Sorbet, financier, and fruit juice.  We were so full that we barely touched the mignardise.


End of our meal.


Panoramic view of the whole restaurant.


View from our table to the end of the room. 


Aux pesked at night.


View of the restaurant at night.


Tuan is the one who saw chef Matthieu Aumont on YouTube cooking scallops and he requested to eat here.  The problem was that were a bit too early and the season for scallops which is not starting until the beginning of October, but at any rate we all wanted to try his food anyway, as he maintained his Michelin star for 16 years.

Overall, we had an excellent experience at Aux pesked!  Great service, the staff was super nice and attentive and the food was so delicious and so nicely presented.


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