Seattle 8/06




Day 2- The drive to Seattle!


9:00AM - We left our hotel room in Bellevue to meet with our friends from San Jose.  They went to the Alaska tour cruise for a week and their ship was docking in Seattle, so we made plan to meet with them in Downtown Seattle.

I-90 floating bridge on top of Lake Washington connects Seattle with Bellevue and the Eastside.

The bridge floats on hollow concrete pontoons, which was at the time an innovative technology.  This was our daily commute for over year and crossing the bridge was the highlight of my daily commute.  I still enjoy the ride each time I cross this bridge.  I don't know exactly what is but

there is something magical about crossing this bridge.  There is a sense of open air, the sight of lake Washington on each side of the bridge and also  the majestic view of the city, Seattle, straight ahead.



Driving toward downtown Seattle. 


Space needle in the distance.. used be located at this building "Columbia building".  The building was small, dirty and smell so bad.  Amazon occupied the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.  I used to work on the 4th floor in a minuscule office, sharing space with so many engineers.  I bet you it is not legal in CA to pack so many people in such a small space.  Anyway, Amazon moved their quarter about 6 months later in a nice building up the hill called Pac Med.  


While waiting for our friends, I went shopping and Hoa went to the Public market to take some pictures.


Seattle's Pike Place Market, with its familiar neon-lit clock and brass pig (not shown in picture), is a renowned landmark, attracting millions of tourists and locals every year.


Fresh cut flowers every where.


Locally grown fresh fruits.

View from the Market.

The guy of the left is using a gasoline tank and transformed it into a bass guitar!


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