Seattle 8/06



Day 2- Seattle - Discovering Seattle


10:00AM - While I was shopping, Hoa waited for me outside of the store and he noticed a bunch of familiar faces... The gang is here!


Here is the gang right after they got off their Alaska cruise.  They are meeting with us in downtown Seattle.


Tuan and Hanh leading the way to Pike Place Market.




The ladies in front of the Market.  we really lucked out!  I was really such a beautiful day.


We were just admiring the beautifully arranged variety of fresh flowers.  We could no believe the price about $5 to $8 for a huge bunch.


View of Pacific Ocean from the Market.

After our visit of the market Place, we took the bus to the Asian quarter to have Pho.  The whole gang were craving Pho after a week on the boat.  They were ripe for Vietnamese food!  Since they did not have a car, we took the bus and to our surprise it was free!  Unfortunately, we did not take any picture of us having Pho and riding the bus...


2:00PM - After Lunch Hoa and I headed back to our hotel in Bellevue.  Our friends stayed in downtown Seattle.

Pac Med building is now  head quarter.  It is the brick building at the end.

Here is another view of the building on top of the hill.  Pac Mad stands for Pacific Medical building.  It used to be an old hospital that is now converted to office space.  While I was working there I heard a few ghost stories.  A bunch of folks who stayed late to work saw sick patients wearing hospital's garment and sometime wearing bandages roaming around.   knowing pretty well that this is not possible because the hospital no longer exist and no patient should be seen around the building.  I remember people freaking out recounting their stories.  I personally never saw anything because I never stayed there late.  True story!




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