Seattle 8/06



Day 1- The arrival


11:00AM -We used to live in Seattle for a very short time, from 10/1998 to 3/2000, but for Kevin this the best place to live and he has great memories of his early childhood!  We used to live in Issaquah, our house was a in a cul-de-sac, a  street a way from Lake Sammamish.   The neighborhood was so friendly, with kids running around and having a great time.

For this trip, Hoa wanted to retrace our foot steps by going back to what we used to do when we were living in Seattle.


The first thing we did after getting off the plane is to drive to Bellevue.  Our first stop is at the Crossroads mall.  We used to stop by this Mall every Friday after work so Kevin can buy his weekly "Pokeman"  booster pack and then right after we would have dinner there.

Kevin was really into Pokeman cards back then, so every Friday we would go to this mall to buy him a booster pack and then have dinner in the food court.  Kevin would always stop by this Italian eatery and would order his usual 2 slices of pizza and a drink.  This was our Friday hang out for the longest time.

Here is the routine...Hoa would order Pho at this Vietnamese stand and I would order what ever I feel like and Kevin would always get some Pizzas.  This the same Vietnamese stand but I think they changed the name.  Hoa said the food remains the same (acceptable) 


 Kevin thought the pizza was very good.  Now that he has a better palate he rank the pizza as very good, with thin crust and very tasty.

We used to put so many coins in this Merry-go-round for Kevin.  Now Kevin refused to go near it!


2:00PM - After lunch we decided to drive to Issaquah..

This is our routine...Every Saturday morning we would drive Kevin to the Issaquah Pool for his private swimming lesson. Seems like we never left the place.  Everything remains the same.


5:00PM - Our next stop is to visit our old neighborhood and also to drop off Kevin at the Kinzer's (our ex-landlord and now friends).  The first thing Kevin did after getting off the car is to join the kids on the lake for a quick swim.

The weather was just perfect, in the mid 70's, remember we are in Seattle and this weather does not come around very often so the kids decided to go for a swim and enjoy the lake.


Hannah, Austin, Kevin, and Ben.  Kevin felt like he never left the place!


This is the Kinzer's view of their  neighbor's back yard.  Everyone on the lake has at least a boat, a few jet skis and the Deruses' has a bi-plane.  Kevin got to ride on it when we were living there.


Craig's Jet skis




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