Wabi Sabi - San Francisco - 4/21/2022

Arrival  Omakase  Food preparation 

Wabi Saki opened their door in 2/2022 and is located on Ritch street in the SOMA neighborhood in San Francisco.

Toey Ti, chef owner has been working at various Japanese restaurants and sushi counters in the City for the past 10 years, including Umami, Ozumo, Ginza Sushi (where he was head chef) and Kuma.

Trung and Ha discovered Wabi Sabi when they just opened their door and they like it so much that Ha set up a dinner for our group to celebrate Tuan Vu's and Tuan Ngo's birthday.  Tonight we are taking over the restaurant entirely as they can only seat 12 people.  Chef Ti recommended for our group to dine on a Thursday because the fish arrived from Japan on Wednesday and he wanted to prepare a special omakase for the group.

The entrance of the restaurant and a small board outside of the restaurant so that people can see the restaurant.


This area can seat up to 6 people by merging 2 tables but we scrammed in a bit and we were able to sit 8 people.


On the other side of the room there is a high table that can also seat 6 people.


Table is set up and we are ready to eat!





Here you can we are taking over the restaurant.  All the seats are taken by our group of 12.




Cheers!  Happy birthday to both Tuan!


And to make it even better, the Warriors just won the game! 


Zen water apparatus on the counter.

Wall paper on the far end that make you feels like you are in Japan. 


ChefTi and his sous chef preparing the fish.


Fridge/display next to the bar area.



View of the full kitchen and work area.


Chef Ti talking to us while working....




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