Morocco's restaurant -4/9/11

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Morocco's restaurant is located in the heart of Downtown San Jose!  As the name suggested Morocco's features authentic Moroccan Cuisine.  Morocco's restaurant is a very small, intimate, family-owned Moroccan restaurant. The two owners, brothers Sham & Jay, are the nicest hosts you’ll ever meet but tonight only Sham is around to guide us through their family style dinner menu. The inside of the restaurant feels like you’re sitting underneath a blanketed tent somewhere in the Sahara desert.  The  walls are decorated with deep, rich colors with exotic art and textiles adorning the walls.


The restaurant view from across the street.


Side view of the Restaurant.

Here I am standing in front of the restaurant.


A welcome sign inside the restaurant.


The colors inside the restaurant is very warm! A tent is draped over the ceiling and it felt like we were transported to an Arabian night!


Me, Huyen and Loan


Huyen, Minh, Carol, Justin, and Nicky (way at the end).


Sham, one of the owner telling us about his menu and giving us suggestion on what to order.


Here is the cast:

Me, Huyen, Loan, Minh, Carol, Justin, Nicky

Maily, Tuan, Tuan N., Hanh, Mui (hidden), Dung, and Spencer.


Phuc, Me and Huyen

Here we are listening to Sham...



Here I am in deep conversation with Maily!


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