Kevin's' 13th Birthday -10/14/06







According to Hoa these are the most gorgeous ladies......

after his wife (that would be me) of course!  


The evening is getting cold so most of us went inside. 


This kids just hanging around until Dinner is served

Thien Huong, Doan and Dung cozying up inside the house..

Kevin, Justin, and Vu ready for dinner.


By now the temperature has dropped outside and it is quite cold so I set up the Dinner table inside.

Since tonight is Kevin's birthday the menu is what he likes the best.

We had Caesar Salad, stuffed Calamari, Spaghetti Carbonnara with bacon bits, Meatball in marinara sauce, Linguine with Calamari Fra Diavolo and Penne with chicken Scampi.

Bon Appétit!

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