Kevins' 13th Birthday -10/14/06






Starting with the appetizers...

  Yes Kevin is turning 13 and is officially a teenager!  The appetizers table is almost set up.  On the menu we have Fried Calamari (Kevin's favorite), Crab meat salad on Endive, Seafood antipasti, Mozarella stick( not set up yet on this picture) and Bruschetta.


The birthday boy surrounded by friends and cousins...

Michelle, Elise, Khang, Mai-chi, Justin, Jason, Kevin Vu, Nicky and the birthday boy in the center.  We are expecting about 17 kids tonight and about 22 adults to celebrate Kevin's birhtday.


Michelle, Elise, Khang, Jason, Ryan, Nicky and Kevin loading up his plate with Fried Calamari!



I like this picture!  Elise, Michelle, Jason and Kevin looked so proper and so well behaved!

The kids sitting down and enjoying their appetizers.

I have to say that the Fried Calamari and the Mozarella sticks were a hit!  It does not matter how much I order, it is never enough for the kids! 

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