Kevins' 11th Birthday -10/16/04

The Set up The kids Dinner cake and gifts


Cake  and Gifts

Time to sing Happy Birthday so the kids gathered to sing happy birthday to Kevin!

Back Ground: We have Michelle holding khoi, Khanh, Justin, Kevin Vu, Jason, Ryan, Nicky, Vu

First row: Justin, Spencer, Kevin Nguyen, Eric and Brianne




Kevin just blew all the candles...

Happy Birthday Kev!



Gifts Opening

Once the gifts were open the boys retrieved into Kevin's room to play with the new toys and the girls went to the family room and hang out together. 


A game of cards (Texas Hold'm) were not on the plan but somehow chips appeared from nowhere (we don't have any in our house) and cards were distributed!

Anyway, it makes the party much more interesting!


The game ended with a few people winning small amount of $$$... Hoa was one of the winner,  $40 to be exact!!

Yahooooooo, we are rolling in the dough!  :-)


Next... Kevin's 12th Birthday (a year later)


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